Cloud Accounting

Achieve robust financial reporting without expensive hardware management costs


Cloud accounting delivers secure, affordable financial reports available at your fingertips

You want instant access to your data from wherever you are. You need to ensure the security and integrity of your financials. You want to get rid of of expensive financial management software installation, maintenance and update costs.


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We fit different cloud solutions to your business needs

Cloud Accounting Solutions are flexible and scalable for your growing business. But your business still has unique financial requirements.

SSi employs expert consultants in two powerful cloud Accounting Solutions:



Intacct Cloud Accounting




Microsoft Dynamics Hosted ERP


With accounting in the cloud – that’s all possible.

The Cloud is a wise investment for smarter, faster business decisions

Spend less time managing your financials and more time working in your business. The cloud gives you instant access to all your accounting, inventory, distribution, business intelligence, and financial reporting needs. This helps you make the decisions that move your business forward.

Four benefits of Cloud Accounting


Simple monthly subscription plans give you access to a full suite of financial functionality without having to worry about costly IT maintenance and update costs.

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Password-protected access to a highly secured network ensures your sensitive data is in only the right hands. Physical security technology and procedures helps you prevent outside attacks on your data.


Real-time financial reports are available at your fingertips – anywhere at anytime. Instant accessibility increases your productivity whether you are in-the office, working from home, or traveling.

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Automatic updates are fast and efficient – giving you the most recent, powerful reporting solutions. Data backups with off-site storage ensures you never miss a beat in the event of an emergency.



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