Success Story | Aggregate Management, Inc.

Company saves $1000/ month with electronic invoicing


Liaison Messenger

Current Situation

Aggregate Management, Inc. has a unique process for billing their clients and wrote a custom billing system to tailor their invoices to meet their client’s needs. The custom billing system allows them to print out invoices but the capability to email invoices did not exist. Each month Aggregate Management, Inc. would have to print invoices on paper, fold, stuff into envelopes and mail to the clients. This process was time consuming and the postage, laser toner and paper was costly.


The custom billing system did not integrate to Outlook and was unable to allow the Aggregate Management, Inc. team to email invoices.


Customers were not getting invoices in a timely fashion. Staff were spending time printing, stuffing and affixing postage to snail mail the invoices.

Ideal Situation/Resolution

The billing system invoices were edited to include the special Liaison Messenger tokens so they could be emailed directly from the client’s customized billing program.

Benefit of Change

Reduction in mailing and printing costs. Customer’s love getting the invoices by email and even respond quickly if there is an issue on an invoice. Aggregate Management, Inc. is saving approximately $1000 a month using this solution. The added benefit is the system took less than a month to get running and Aggregate Management, Inc. expects there will also be a possible positive effect on cash flow since the invoices are getting out quickly.