You are going to depend on your ERP software partner, so complete a full due diligence.  Companies are open with information to help you comprehend the true character of their organization and principals, whereas less reputable firms often provide unspecific responses and have questionable data that becomes evident when selecting your implementation and training partner.

ACTION:  Follow these suggestions to confirm the quality of the partner:

  • Check with your professional network to see if anyone has done business with the company or knows the founders
  • Search for their company on the Better Business Bureau website, and any other customer opinion websites.  Keep in mind that we all have at least one past or even current client that is not satisfied with our company.  Sometimes it is a problem with the client.  Try to balance being fair with discerning the truth when considering comments from unhappy clients
  • Request their company history and discuss it with them.  Try to discern whether their story is true or exaggerated in any way
  • Look for copies of mission statements, company values, vision statements, and any other documents pertaining to their company culture.  This provides insights into how they respond to problems when you work together – and there will be bumps in the road with every project, or else you would not need them in the first place
  • Some organizations at contract time like to ask for a copy of the partner company’s financials.  This may be too much to ask of private companies.  If you ask good questions of their clients and do the other checks above then you should gain a reasonable assessment of their financial condition