Efficiently allocate resources and improve planning with tighter financial control

Accounting software solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of Not-For-Profits

Tight budgets, member management, fundraising, donor and grant management – the financial health of your organization depends on controlling many moving parts. Inefficient financial management wastes your time and resources.

Simplify your complex financial processes at a price you can afford. SSi Consulting helps Not-For-Profits develop and maintain powerful ERP solutions that meet their organization’s needs and budget.

Confident decision making

With budget forecasting and state-of-the-art budgeting tools, Not-For-Profits can plan for the efficient use of limited resources.

Improved planning with up-to-the-minute data

With up to the minute financial data available through the SharePoint based Business Portal, the entire organization has access to critical financial information 24/7 through a web interface. The burden of distributing information through reports is eased.

Tighter strategic alignment

SmartLists, fund balance real time reporting and flexible financial drill down reports allow the Not-for-Profit organizaiton to align their financial reporting with the strategic direction of the organization.

SSi Consulting has a long and proven track record helping Not-For-Profits clients such as:


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