Professional Services

Project focused companies can maximize business efficiency

Professional Service companies are under pressure to allocate resources more effectively, increase client billing rates, and differentiate themselves through innovate service delivery in order to generate greater profit margins, in the face of ever-increasing competition and the burden of regularoy compliance.

  • Get complete visibility into your financial and project accounting so you can maintain tighter control over costs, shorten billing cycle times, monitor variations in estimates, and help track trends in profitability.
  • Improve resource utilization and optimization by better aligning people and skills to billable projects which translates to clients getting more individual services.
  • Better document audit trails and policies to mitigate risk factors and adhere to industry best practices, client standards, and government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Reduce the complexity of variable billing arrangements and ease the burden of collecting accounts which can have a dramatic impact on cash flow to improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).