M-Hance and SSi Consulting – Better Together

Special Offer from M-Hance – buy M-Hance before December 31st, 2014 to receive a 10% discount.

For anyone whose job it is to manually reconcile your company’s bank accounts with the General Ledger, you might be pleased to hear that SSi have teamed up with M-Hance to be able to offer you a fully automated Bank Reconciliation tool.  We aim to ease your finance team’s frustrations, and free up their time to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

Time Savings

Customers have found that by implementing M-Hance Bank Management, they eliminate any unnecessary manual processes.  The software is based around a set of rules, which means that the bank reconciliation process is much simpler to manage.  We can help you to reduce manual effort around grouping of transactions, and less manual intervention allows you to reduce your administration costs.  It’s all accessed through a single screen in GP giving users increased visibility of all transactions on both the GL and Bank Account due to be reconciled.

Reconciliation by Dates

M-Hance Bank Management supports a date driven reconciliation process.  This funcitionality allows for the matching process to be performed using ‘user-defined’ date ranges.

Increased Compliance and Financial Control

Accurate bank reconciliation processes ensure tighter financial control by highlighting potential bank errors, unexpected charges, input errors or missing transactions.  In addition, using the reporting functionality allows you to quickly report on bank related questions to aid any audit including the re-print reconciliation reports from previous periods.


Please join us on one of our webinars Tuesday 11/24 11am or Wednesday 11/10 11am, to learn more: email Katie.zeitlin@m-hance.com to subscribe.