Making Sense of Your Nonprofit Data

Maintaining reliable Nonprofit data can be a challenge for nonprofit organizations, especially those relying on outdated or inefficient software.  Armed with the right technology, nonprofit organizations can use outcome metrics to capture the data needed, monitor metrics, and prepare accurate reports for stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and the membership.  Managing the right data can provide the visibility needed to strengthen operations and grow, while getting closer to achieving your mission.

Nonprofit organizations that are using disparate software or elaborate spreadsheets, along with paper-based processes, are likely struggling with their data.  Important information is buried within these multiple solutions which makes it difficult to find and even more difficult to use.  On top of that, the data could be inaccurate as it’s transcribed from paper to software and can be inconsistent when using these multiple means.  Download this eBook, “Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World,” to see how other nonprofit organizations are using stronger technology and outcome metrics to harness their data and put it to good use.

The Modern Nonprofit

Modern financial management solutions offer nonprofits a more efficient and affordable way to enter, manage, and analyze data.  A robust solution, like Intacct, streamlines data entry through many time-saving automations. 

  • Manage multiple budgets, for operations and grant-funded programs, for example, and ensure that spending meets the policies and guidelines set forth by your board of directors and grant agencies.
  • Leverage business intelligence features that can draw upon the data within this centralized solution to populate reports, charts, and other visualizations that you can use to monitor operations, grant programs, membership, and the other programs and services that you offer.
  • Support your outcome metrics program and make it easier to follow the key metrics that show external stakeholders, constituents, and your membership that your nonprofit is fiscally responsible, accountable, and a good steward.

Nonprofits aren’t stuck with inefficient, entry-level software.  Modern technology is affordable, efficient, and can support efforts to monitor the progress you are making toward achieving the mission.  Download the eBook and contact SSi Consulting for guidance with replacing outdated software with the modern solution you need to harness your data and gain the visibility you need to improve operations and grow.


By SSi Consulting, Certified Intacct Partner with offices in DC, Maryland & Virginia