One of the things we enjoy about our customers using Sage Intacct is knowing that they receive new enhancements to the products that apply immediate benefits to meet  their growing needs now and well into the future. The latest release include:

Action User Interface!

Check out the changes to the favorites menu, the Entity Picker and the drop-down menus.

Accounts Payable Enhancement!

New filter in the AP Workbench that allow you to select just the invoices you want to pay. To view a subset of bills each time you access the Pay Bills page, create an advanced filter and save it. Each time you access Pay Bills, select your filter from the Filter by drop-down list and click Apply filters.

Depending on how your company pays bills, you may find it helpful to create specific filters for the following scenarios:
• bills due within the next week or next month
• bills past due
• bills from an individual vendor
• bills from an alphabetic set of vendors. For example, a filter for vendors A-L and another for vendors M-Z.
For multi-entity companies, you can include bills created at the top level that are tagged to your entity. Just create a filter that includes the Show top level transactions option.

Enhanced Permissions in Bank Reconciliation

The enhancements continue to roll in based on feedback from the Sage Intacct Community! This release has some enhancements to the permissions within the Bank Reconciliation Module to help with separation of duties. Now you can easily have one person reconcile the bank transactions and another person finalize the bank reconciliation. Here are the new Roles :

If you’d like to explore what Sage Intacct might mean for your business/organization – we’re happy to schedule a call. In the meantime, you might enjoy “The Tech-Savvy CFO – Closing the Automation Gap in Finance

Karen Riordan, Vice President