Are you willing to part with $1,000 of your hard-earned cash to get yourself the new iPhone XS? Have you noticed that new cellular phones focus on all types of features except improving the features that it was designed to do, make phone calls. Today’s phones do so many things, but have they improved the basic functionality which is making calls.

This trend is nothing new and is not just with cellular phones. What about your accounting solution? You may hear from your partner or vendor that you must upgrade, there are so many new and amazing features. But once you start checking into the details, there are no or very few features that positively affect the accounting team. Is that because debits and credits really haven’t changed since the days of Luca Pacioli?

So why upgrade?

Why invest your resources, including time and money to upgrade when there is really very little value? Actually, upgrading is more than just adding a few new features, it is about nurturing the investment you made in your financial solution.

For example, security. Data security is considered a top priority concern for businesses and when speaking of your financial data, that raises the bar even higher. Also, typically any changes in taxation policies rules, etc., are address in an upgrade.

And, technology continues to change, and it does affect your accounting solution. Teams are remote and need to have immediate access to data. Perhaps approving time and expenses, reviewing financial transactions, or tracking cash balances, all these tasks now need to be performed while not sitting at your desk.

Upgrades available

Both Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and Dynamics SL (Solomon) have 2018 releases. You have made a substantial investment in your accounting solution, why not take advantage of the new features an upgrade can provide.

Regardless if your business is looking for an upgrade or a new cloud solution I’d love to hear from you.

Karen Riordan, Vice President

PS-If you are a Dynamics GP user, join us for our upgrade webinar on Oct. 10th.