Maintaining compliance for government contractors is absolutely vital to running a successful business.  As it relates to timesheet requirements, details are provided in the Automated Timekeeping Systems section of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) regulations and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

DCAA requirements state that the timekeeping process, collectively include policies, manual procedures and tools be compliant: the timesheet software alone is not audited for compliance or certified, nor approved as DCAA compliant.  Although, it is the customer’s policies and procedures that require approval in supporting DCAA timekeeping requirements.

A quick example of some DCAA regulations are:

  • Employees charge time to authorized, open projects
  • Employee access time through a secure password
  • Employee records view-able and audit-able comments for any timesheet change
  • Supervisors approve the entire timesheet
  • All time must be reported (total time accounting)
  • Administrators monitor delinquent timesheets

To receive more information on controls checked during a DCAA audit please refer to publication 7641.90 titled, “Information for Contractors“.

When researching DCAA compliance accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics may be the right solution for your business.  Contact SSi Consulting for more information and to learn about how Microsoft Solutions can support your DCAA requirements.