hire an expert

This year I joined a meetup group that taught people how to play Pickle Ball. I learned from others in the group this fun and fast-moving game. If you are not familiar with Pickle Ball, you should check it out. It was born out of the boredom of a family looking for a game that everyone in their family could play together. Pickle Ball is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. Once you give it a try you can understand why people of all ages are falling in love with Pickle ball.

Last week, I took my first Pickle ball lesson from Mark Renneson of Third Shot Sports. If you follow Pickle Ball  you may have seen him as a sports broadcaster for the Pickle Ball World Championships held in Naples, FL.  Mark is an expert at Pickle Ball and evaluating areas that you need to improve. I am excited about taking the advice and instruction he shared and upping my game!

Hire an expert.

Some of my friends commented they were surprised that I hired a coach. This was interesting. I see the advantage of hiring a coach or expert in all areas of my life.

At work I hear all the time about failed implementations, where companies try to implement accounting software without hiring experts to help. Today’s Cloud ERP systems like Sage Intacct are so easy to use that companies think they don’t need an expert implementation team to help them. These same companies may be trying to save a few bucks on consulting or implementation charges but in the long run tend to have failed implementations or end up only using about 10% of the software they invested in. Why wouldn’t you hire an expert to lead you through this process?

I really wish companies understood the benefits of hiring an expert. Here is my list of reasons why I hired Mark, these also could apply to any situation where you might be learning a new skill, making a change or upping your game. Check them out and let me know if you agree.

Why hire a coach or implementor?

1. A specialist or coach can identify ways to improve or use the software that a novice just doesn’t understand. There are many ways to improve performance and by having an “outside” person understand where you are and where you want to go, they are in a better position to help you design a program or design that works for you.
2. These people have spent hours getting certifications, studying and applying these technics in real world scenarios. Hiring a firm or coach that understands your industry, your background and your ultimate goals can help you avoid mistakes the coach or implementor might have made in the past. Use their experience to avoid costly mistakes.
3. You don’t know what you don’t know. I did not realize that when playing Pickle Ball, I was not taking advantage of placement of my serve and third shot. Mark took a few minutes to observe my play and was able to explain the strategy and rational around changing my serve. Yes, I could have read books and watched lots of videos to learn the same thing, but I doubt I would be able to quickly learn where my individual weakness came out in my game.

I firmly believe in having a life of learning and improving and for me hiring a coach for my larger goals in life is well worth the investment. Let me know if you need to hire an expert for your business software implementation, training, and support needs.

Maybe I will see you out on the Pickle court someday!

Suzy Zgorski
Assistant Vice President, Business Development