I’ve been watching the races and it’s exciting to think that Justify might take it all the way! I can’t tell you how to pick horses, but I can help you pick  the winner for business software. If you want to check out the Triple Crown of ERP Systems you should be betting on Sage Intacct! Sage Intacct has won the following “legs in this race” and their clients are experiencing the rewards every day!

Three BIG Wins

The Derby – The biggest race in horse racing and Sage Intacct wins the Endorsement of the AICPA! Accountants everywhere are loving Sage Intacct for its audit trails and reporting.

The Preakness – the second leg in the crown and a local to Baltimore plus a favorite of mine. Sage Intacct is ranked by Gartner as an industry Visionary! With quarterly updates and exciting new features like the Guidestar Digital Board book, Sage Intacct is staying ahead of the pack by more than a nose!

The Belmont – The last leg of the crown and Sage Intacct is ranked by G2 Crowd for #1 in Customer Satisfaction! The results are in and users love Sage Intacct!

G2 GRid for Accounting 2017

Learn more about Sage Intacct and why this horse is the one to win with! Good luck to Justify, a truly incredible animal!

Suzy Zgorski, Assistant Vice President